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7 Best Practices to Promote Your Customer Satisfaction Survey

Today, customer experience takes a premium in modern business, with many companies giving more attention to improving customer satisfaction.

Gathering customer feedback allows you to evaluate consumer satisfaction — which is why running customer satisfaction surveys is vital for your company.

So customer service representatives need to convince their customers to respond in the customer satisfaction survey.

Well, you might ask how to run your survey into a conversation with your customers smoothly?

Here are seven practices:

1. Provide Quality Service

Most customers would usually give their feedback regardless of any promotion from your company.

That is why you must motivate your team of representatives to provide every customer with an excellent experience.

When you provide superior customer service to your clients, it will be their pleasure to engage in your survey.

2. Know the Right Timing

Implementing the perfect timing to promote your customer satisfaction survey is crucial. 

Your customer service representatives might end up disappointing callers if the agents promote your survey in the middle of resolving customer issues.

As soon as you have provided further assistance to your customer, it is the best time to talk about your survey.

3. Transition Well

Train your representatives to be gentle and to make a smooth transition when making the offer to participate in customer satisfaction surveys so your customers would not feel obliged.

Otherwise, your customers might not receive your approach well, and it could eventually backfire on your survey.

However, when you gently request your customers, they would feel valued and empowered to give their opinions and suggestions.

4. Establish Connection

Your customer service representative can strongly influence your customer’s decision to participate in the survey.

When your representatives make a personal connection with your customers, they will come to realize the impact their feedback can make to your company’s services and policies (to name a few).

As a result, your customers would positively respond to your customer satisfaction survey.

5. Set a Realistic Time Estimate

Give your customers enough time to accomplish the survey. 

When you make your survey short and precise, you ensure that your customers will be able to finish it by the given time estimate.

By doing so, you convey how you value and appreciate your customer’s feedback and time.

6. Relate the Relevance

Let your customers see the big picture as to how their feedback can actually help improve your company policies, products, and services (to name a few).

When you tell your customers that their opinions and suggestions matter, not only will your customers feel empowered, but there can also be a higher possibility for them to engage in your customer satisfaction survey.

7. Show Appreciation to Your Customers

According to a survey on customer’s behavior, from this year (2020) onwards, consumers put more value on quality experience than the price or product of your company.

Acknowledging your customers right after promoting your customer satisfaction survey can create an impact on your customer’s experience.

Given that your clients may feel good when you appreciate their valuable time and feedback, you can expect them to take part in your survey even in the future.

Practicing these tips will help you promote your customer satisfaction survey successfully and even engage your customers better.

Note: This is a guest post.

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