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Amazon Music Unlimited to Be Offered in Australia and New Zealand

Amazon MusicAmazon Music Unlimited will be launched in Australia and New Zealand on February 1, the online retail giant announced on Thursday.

February 1 happens to be shipping date of the Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Plus that are activated by Amazon’s digital voice assistant Alexa to the two countries and preorders for the devices start on Thursday as well.

Mashable said Alexa would have skills from international firms with local operations like Uber, Spotify, Philips Hue, LIFX, among others.

In Australia, Alexa will utilize information from Sky News Australia, Fox Sports, Qantas, and Coastalwatch.

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The introduction of Amazon Music Unlimited to the two countries follows the launch of Amazon in Australia early last month.

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Monthly Plans

The site also said Amazon Music Unlimited, which will have a catalog of 45 million songs, will have three monthly plans.

The full access Echo Plan will be at 4.99 Australian dollars (AUD) while the Individual Plan will be 11.99 AUD.

The Family Plan, in which up to six people can share a subscription and would be available soon, would be for 17.99 AUD.

Amazon announced in November the shipment of its hands-free Echo devices, to the two countries.

Echo Prices

According to a TechCrunch report, Echo, Echo Plus, and the Echo Dot are priced at 149 Australian dollars (AUD), 229 AUD and 79 AUD, respectively.

Amazon is also reportedly offering a limited time deal, discounting all three devices by 30 AUD.

Echo devices, however, will be competing against Google Home, which is already offered in Australia and New Zealand.

What’s Next?

Amazon Music Unlimited will become available in Australia and New Zealand on February 1, hoping that it would spur interest in its various products after Amazon’s launch last month was met with tepid response.

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