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Apple Comes out With IOS 11.2 to Resolve Date Bug

Apple iOSApple has come out with iOS 11.2 to resolve an issue with iPhones that crashed and did a soft reset, possibly due to local notifications for alarms or reminders, last Saturday.

Aside from the date bug fix, the update also contained a new feature called Apple Pay Cash although the peer-to-peer payment system that will be made available in the U.S. is not yet live, according to TechCrunch.

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Also, iOS 11.2 enabled support for quick 7.5W Qi wireless charging.

Thus, those who have an iPhone 8 or an iPhone X and a wireless charger that supports 7.5W or more, “will now charge more quickly as Apple first limited wireless charging to 5W,” TechCrunch said.

Furthermore, iOS 11.2 fixes an autocorrect bug in which the word “it” becomes “I.T.”

December 2 Issue

The release of iOS 11.2 comes after iPhone users complained about the December 2 date issue.

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According to reports, iPhone users noted that apps with local notifications would cause their phone to crash.

Engadget said users complained that after 12:15 a.m. last Saturday, “incoming notifications from apps that use daily or repeat settings” cause their gadgets “to suddenly use 100 percent of the CPU then do a soft reset.

iMore, on the other hand, noted that the issue appears to be tied to “locally generated notifications,” and not to Internet notifications.

Turn off App Notifications

The Apple Support page recommended that notifications for all apps should be turned off after which a user needs to install iOS 11.2

After updating, an iPhone user should go to Settings then Notifications and click Allow Notifications for each app.

Those who still encounter issues with their iPhone after installing iOS 11.2 have been advised to get in touch with Apple Support.

What’s Next?

Apple has released a software update to resolve a date issue encountered by iPhone users worldwide. iOS 11.2 also contained new features for iPhones.

What can you say about the update and the new features (support for fast charging of iPhone 8 and Phone 8 and Apple Pay Cash)? Share them below.

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