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Apple Eyes Better Imaging Capabilities on iPhone

Apply iPhoneApple is out to improve the imaging capabilities of its gadgets.

The company has acquired InVisage Technologies, a startup based in Menlo Park, California that developed QuantumFilm technology.

The technology uses less memory space in smartphones than traditional camera sensors but with better performance.

TechCrunch learned about the acquisition, but an Apple spokesperson gave a generic response when asked about it.

The spokesperson said: “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”

Appleinsider.com reported that InVisage stopped posting on social media and its blog in November last year and that it’s unclear when the acquisition took place.

TechCrunch, however, said talks about the Apple’s acquisition of InVisage surfaced last month.

Indirect Confirmation

However, some InVisage employees “indirectly confirmed” Apple’s acquisition of their company.

TechCrunch noted the following:

  • Some InVisage employees have updated their LinkedIn profiles stating that they now work for Apple and several others who have not updated their LinkedIn profiles are also working there.
  • InVisage now uses the same law firm that handles Apple’s patents. InVisage has 27 patents but TechCrunch said none of them have yet transferred over to Apple’s ownership.
  • Several persons contacted by TechCrunch “inadvertently confirmed” the acquisition after saying that they were not at liberty to discuss it.

Imaging Sensor Technology

With Apple’s acquisition of InVisage, it is believed that the company is now tapping nanotechnology in improving imaging capabilities of gadgets where space is limited.

InVisage developed QuantumFilm technology that “uses quantum dots dispersed on a grid and coated on a substrate for an image sensor.”

Reports said the company has claimed that its technology “can absorb the same amount of light as a conventional sensor, but on a layer that is one-tenth the thickness and can perform better in low-light situations.”

What’s Next?

It appears that Apple is bent on upgrading the imaging capabilities of its gadgets by buying the company behind QuantumFilm technology.

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