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Apple Pours $390 Million in Finisar

Apple InvestmentApple has announced that it has allotted $390 million from its $1-billion Advanced Manufacturing Fund to Finisar, a Texas-based company that makes iPhone X hardware.

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The investment, according to an Apple news release, would lead to the creation of 500 high-skill jobs, including engineers, technicians and maintenance teams, at Finisar’s facility in Sherman.

VCSEL Technology

Apple said the money given to Finisar would allow the company “to exponentially increase its research and development spending and high-volume production of vertical-cavity, surface-emitting lasers or VCSELs.”

The lasers are already used in iPhone X’s new features such as Face ID, Animoji and Portrait mode selfies made possible with the mobile phone’s TrueDepth camera as well as in proximity sensors of AirPods.

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Apple said VCSEL technology “is a better performing, more compact and cost-efficient solution” unlike other “edge-emitting lasers” used in many applications.

The company also said it had adopted depth-sensing technology the past years, resulting in the development and production of the “most advanced VCSELs” for its electronic gadgets.

Apple revealed that in the last quarter of the year, it would purchase “10 times more VCSEL wafers than were previously manufactured worldwide over a similar period.

Expected Output

Apple said the Finisar facility in Sherman would begin shipping VCSELs in the second half of next year.

The company also said 100 percent of the VCSELs it buys from Finisar would be made in Texas, adding that along with its commitment to environmental protection, Apple will utilize renewable energy for all manufacturing activities in America.

Apple established the Advanced Manufacturing Fund early this year to spur innovation and job creation by U.S. manufacturers. Corning Incorporated was the first recipient of the fund.

The $200 million given to Corning was intended for its R&D and capital equipment needs as well as state-of-the-art glass processing.

What’s Next?

Apple has invested $390 million on Finisar, a Texan company involved in laser technology.

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