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Apple Reportedly Working on Water Resistant AirPods

AirpodsApple is developing water-resistant AirPods, according to a Bloomberg report that quoted “people familiar with the matter.”

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The water-repelling AirPods will be released early next year, according to Bloomberg’s sources who asked not to be named as the product’s plans are confidential. The plans could change or be delayed, the sources added.

An Apple spokesperson declined to comment on Bloomberg’s report.

Periodic Upgrades Eyed

Much like the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, Apple intends to make regular upgrades to the AirPods, the Bloomberg article said.

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The sources said the water-repelling AirPods are meant “to survive splashes of water and rain” but “not designed to be submerged in water.”

Wireless Chip

Meanwhile, Bloomberg’s sources also said that for this year, Apple is developing a new version of the AirPods that would have a wireless chip for managing Bluetooth connections.

The first AirPods, which was introduced in 2016 along with the iPhone 7, have a chip called W1, and then Apple came out with W2 with the Apple Watch last year.

The sources said further that the new AirPods edition would allow users to “summon Apple’s Siri digital assistant without physically tapping the headphones by saying “Hey Siri.”

That function would work similarly to how a user activates Siri on an iPhone or a HomePod speaker.

What’s Next?

Apple is working on upgrades to the AirPods that includes making the earpieces water-resistant.

Since it was introduced, the AirPods have been one of Apple’s most saleable products and have been praised by reviewers and users.

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