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BlackBerry App Store Closes in 2019

BlackberryYou might be wondering if the BlackBerry company still exists since you have not heard anything about it for some time.

Well, the company has not folded up.

However, the manufacturer of BlackBerry phones – which were hugely popular years ago – said it would be shutting down its app store in December 2019.


And according to Mashable, the closure of the app store is the “first casualty” after the company’s shift to Android with the launch of Priv back in 2015.

The announcement on the app store’s shutdown comes on the heels of reports that BlackBerry has killed Priv.

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Shift in Focus

BlackBerry is reportedly going to focus on making software for driverless cars.

The company believes that the auto industry presents the “best chance at revenue growth.”

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Mashable reported that BlackBerry still comes out with Android phones “on a regular basis” but they’re made by TCL.

Last year, the site said BlackBerry sold 200,000 phones which was “approximately 0% of the global smartphone market.”

2 Apps to Disappear in 2018

Mashable also said BlackBerry Travel and PlayBook video calling would shut down in February and March next year, respectively.

BlackBerry told Mashable that killing those apps “is a natural step in the company’s swing towards software.

BlackBerry Travel lets users plan and book trips on their devices while Playbook is the video conferencing app for the PlayBook tablet.

BlackBerry, however, did not say how many people still use those apps.

Also, the company said it is offering a trade-in program wherein a BB10 or BBOS user can upgrade it to a BlackBerry KeyOne or Motion “for a huge discount.

What’s Next?

BlackBerry is killing its official app store in December 2019.

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