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Brit + Co Lets Reorganizes, Downsizes Staff

BritCoBrit & Co has conducted a reorganization this month as “part of an effort to make operations more efficient.”

But the women’s lifestyle and digital media company did not comment on the number of employees laid off when TechCrunch asked about it.

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TechCrunch noted the employee base of Brit + Co “went from 92 people in September 2017 to just 78 today, according to its team page.”

A spokesperson for Brit + Co only told the tech site: “It’s been a very unpredictable time in the media industry, but we grew revenue by 50% in 2017 and are excited to continue to grow our already diverse revenue stream which, in addition to advertising, includes online classes, merchandising, and experiential events.”

New President

The reorganization comes just a week after Brit + Co CEO Brit Morin announced that the San Francisco-based company had tapped former Ellen Digital Ventures general manager Jill Braff as its president.

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Before joining Brit + Co, Braff supervised the creation of Ellentube, the “Heads Up!” game app, and other endeavors at Ellen Digital Ventures.

Ellen Digital Ventures is a joint undertaking of Warner Bros. Television and comedienne Ellen DeGeneres.

Braff departed from Ellen Digital Ventures in August last year

As president of Brit + Co, Morin said Braff “will oversee revenue, marketing, and strategic partnerships.”

Morin said: “Jill’s expertise in connecting with consumers will be invaluable to Brit + Co as we continue to grow into a 360-degree brand that prioritizes engagement with our community.”

Braff, for her part, lauded Morin for creating “a brand that truly resonates with consumers” that “goes beyond producing content, inspiring their audience to unlock creativity and take action.”

What’s Next?

Women’s lifestyle and digital media company Brit + Co has reorganized itself to meet the challenging times in the media industry.

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