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Create Funny GIFs with the Updated GBoard

GBoardDo you want to create a Graphic Interchange Format (GIF) – that looped image you’d come across on the Internet – but don’t know how or you have difficulty making one?

Google now makes it easier for anybody to create a GIF using the updated version of its iOS and Android keyboard app GBoard.

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Updated Design

The Verge reported that Google has updated GBoard’s design “by moving its GIF-making button up next to the word suggestion bar.”

As pointed out by Mashable, the button has an infinity sign on it.

The Verge said the GIF-making feature had been around since September last year, but it was located behind the emoji button on the bottom.

Two Recording Modes

With its new location, the button lets GIFs be recorded from the front and back camera, and allows the user to record in two modes, namely, “Loop,” (similar to Instagram’s Boomerang, and “Fast-Forward,” which lets a user “record up to one minute and speeds up the result.”

When a user is finished recording, he or she can copy and paste the GIF into a message, and send it to friends or followers.

The Verge said last week that the updated GBoard design “hasn’t made its way to the Android app yet, but the feature can probably be expected soon.

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Meanwhile, the GBoard update follows a report that Google is looking at making GBoard do the typing for users.

The Next Web said the feature is called “Smart Reply,” which recommends relevant phrases that a user can reply with by tapping once instead of having to type the response.

What’s Next?

Those who love to create GIFs can now make one easier with the updated GBoard designed.

What can you say about it? Share your comments below.

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