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Dish to Use Google Assistant in 3 Receivers

DishDishIn the coming months, Dish customers will experience hands-free TV watching.

The direct-broadcast satellite service company announced in a news release that broadband-connected Hopper (all generations), Joey (all models) and Wally single-tuner HD receiver could use Google Assistantto control their TV when connected with the Assistant on Google Home speakers, Android phones or iPhones.”

Dish’s announcement came on the same day that TiVo has revealed that it has added Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa to its digital video recorders (DVRs).

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Fierce Competition

Google is aggressively competing with Amazon in the digital assistant market, and the competition has become fierce.

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Dish said it would be “the first time that its customers with a Hopper, Joey or Wally can use voice to control their TV in multiple languages, including English and Spanish.”

The company did not give a specific date when Google Assistant would work with their three receivers, saying it would commence during the first half of the year.

Major Strides in Building Voice Control Options

Dish Vice President of Production Management Niraj Desai said that last year, the satellite service provider “took major strides toward building a suite of voice control options for our customers, including a new DISH voice remote.”

Desai also said they are “pleased to be working with the Google Assistant” to offer Dish customers “the ability to control Hopper’s video experiences through the Assistant on speakers and phones.”

The company said Google Assistant would soon be used to help subscribers “navigate, play, pause, fast-forward, rewind and search TV content based on channel, title, actor, and genre.”

Meanwhile, Dish also announced that the company has started shipping its voice control technology suite that includes a voice remote with the Hopper DVRs.

What’s Next?

Dish is tapping Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) in its three receivers.

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