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Facebook Removes Delete Button for Some Desktop Users

Facebook Delete ButtonSome desktop users of Facebook had a scary experience last week.

The world’s most extensive social network removed the “delete” button and placed it in the Activity Log.

Was the social network tweaked its interface as it does now and then? We’d never know because the site has not issued any statement about it so far.


VentureBeat first reported about the “missing” button after noting confusion among desktop users of the site.

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The incident comes just three days after one of Facebook’s most popular pages – the Facebook Page for Unilad – which has a staggering 34 million “likes” disappeared from the site for a few hours on Friday last week.

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A Facebook spokesperson told Mashable in an email: “The Unilad Facebook channel encountered some temporary downtime due to a minor internal issue that has now been fixed.”

“Facebook and Unilad have taken all necessary steps to ensure this will not happen again. We’ve always been great partners and look forward to continuing to produce great content and engaging audiences around the world.”

VentureBeat said desktop users of Facebook went to social media to complain that the “delete” option was nowhere to be found.

The “delete” option was still available, however, in the mobile version as well as in the Android and iOS apps.

@The SarahFader tweeted: “Yo @facebook Why can’t we delete posts anymore? Those of us on our computers want to know?”

To which @MattNavarra replied: It’s not just you…!

…Facebook seems to have removed the “Delete post’ option.”

@mussedmusing, for her part, said: “Well I just found out that @facebook has removed our ability to delete posts. You can “hide from timeline” if you feel like scrolling through your whole timeline, but you can’t delete, and you can’t edit the post to be blank. Huh.”

Relegated to the Activity Log

VentureBeat later reported that the “delete” option was in the Activity Log where a user can review and manage posts on Facebook.

However, the solution is not obvious to anyone accustomed to using the more accessible menu in the upper right-hand corner of the post itself.”

What’s Next?

What can you say about the “delete” button that went “missing” for some desktop users of Facebook? Share your comments below.

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