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Feast Your Eyes On Apple’s First Leather Macbook Sleeve

Macbook SleeveFor its numerous gadgets, Apple came up with cases and sleeves.

But there is one product that has not had one – the MacBook. Until today, that is.

The world’s favorite consumer electronics manufacturer has put out the first MacBook leather sleeve.

With all the buzz surrounding the release of the iPhone X (the 10th anniversary model of the iPhone line) later this week, visitors at Apple store must have overlooked the MacBook sleeve.

Two Colors

A description of the product on apple.com states that the sleeve is made of ”high-quality European leather with soft microfiber lining.”

The sleeve costs $149 comes in two colors – Saddle Brown and Midnight Blue.

Plus, the sleeve allows the user to charge the MacBook while keeping it protected.

The sleeve also fits the 2015 version of the 12-inch MacBook.

It’s unclear if a sleeve will be made for the 13-inch MacBook Pro

Designed by Apple

The laptop sleeve is “designed by Apple in California.” and the company logo is on the case itself, TechCrunch reported.

The sleeve also has “four feet indentions on the back of the sleeve to accommodate the feet on the bottom of the MacBook,” according to 9to5mac.com.

9to5mac.com also said the 12-inch MacBook sleeve “looks very similar to the Leather Sleeve for iPad Pro.”

Consumers can already order the MacBook sleeve, with 1-business day free shipping times.

9to5mac.com recommends a MacBook sleeve that’s significantly cheaper called MoKo Sleeve Bag, a pseudo-leather sleeve that’s available on Amazon.

The material isn’t nearly as nice as the Apple Leather Sleeve, but it features a bit more cushion, and like the MacBook Leather Sleeve, allows you to charge your MacBook while it’s enclosed inside.”

What’s Next?

Apple finally makes a sleeve for the MacBook.

What are your thoughts about the new product? Share them by commenting below.

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