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FedEx Suffered Data Breach Last Month

FedExAn unsecured Federal Express (FedEx) server was breached last month, exposing company documents as well as personal information of thousands of customers of the courier company around the world.

This was revealed by white hat research group Kromtech, which informed FedEx about the breach through a ZDNet journalist early this week.

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ZDNet reported that Jim McCluskey, a spokesperson for FedEx, assured that the server had been secured and the exposed data was not used in any way.

After a preliminary investigation, we can confirm that some archived Bongo International account information located on a server hosted by a third-party, public cloud provider is secure. The data was part of a service that was discontinued after our acquisition of Bongo.  We have found no indication that any information has been misappropriated and will continue our investigation,” McCluskey’s statement said.

FedEx acquired Bongo International in 2014 and then relaunched it as FedEx Cross-Border International 14 months later, it was learned from Kromtech’s report.

Exposed Documents

According to ZDNet, the S3 server, which was left open without a password, hosted more than 112,000 files composed of completed US Postal Service forms used to authorize the handling of mail, along with identification papers of US citizens and those of other nationals in Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East.

The identification documents were scanned copies of drivers’ licenses, national ID cards, work ID cards, voting cards, utility bills, resumes, vehicle registration forms, medical insurance cards, firearms licenses, some US military identification cards, and credit card information that customers used to confirm their identity with Bongo, ZDNet also said.

The data breach is just one of several cyber attacks on companies that included Equifax and Uber.

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What’s Next?

FedEx suffered a breach of an unsecured server that used to belong to Bongo, exposing customer and company documents.

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