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General Motors Eyes Car Rental Service

General MotorsGeneral Motors (GM) is planning to expand its car-sharing program called Maven to include GM vehicle owners, according to a Bloomberg report, citing sources in the Detroit-based car manufacturing company.

GM is silent about the report, said Mashable. But a company spokesperson said, “there is nothing to announce about peer-to-peer rentals.”

The spokesperson, however, did not discount the possibility of the company implementing a car-sharing program saying,  “Maven is always looking for ways to remove barriers to sharing.”

Lease Deal

Under the pilot program, Bloomberg said GM car owners would lease their vehicles to anybody for a limited time through the Maven app.

Currently, Maven lets people rent a vehicle in GM’s fleet for a few hours to run errands or for any legal purpose.


Bloomberg said GM wants to include car owners in the program wherein they will rent out their vehicles to any person.

Whatever revenue that the car owner will get from the lease of the vehicle would  be shared with GM, Bloomberg added.

The expanded car-sharing program will reportedly start this summer, and if it turns out successful, it will become part of Maven.

Since it’s launching in 2016, Maven implemented a tool called Gig wherein cars are leased out to drivers working for food-delivery companies and ride-hailing firms Uber and Lyft.

Bloomberg said the pilot program could be considered as a “step forward in GM’s transition from being a car maker to mobility provider.”


Meanwhile, Bloomberg said there are startups like Turo and Getaround that has a peer-to-peer car-sharing program that helps car owners with the cost of maintaining a vehicle or earn extra money.

Thus, GM’s pilot program would compete with Turo and Getaround.

What’s Next?

General Motors is reportedly considering a peer-to-peer car rental program that will involve GM car owners.

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