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Google Chrome Latest Update Now Lets Your Mute Autoplay Videos

Google ChromeBrowsing on Google Chrome is all the more enjoyable now that you can mute those annoying autoplay ad videos.

That’s one of the features included in the latest update, Chrome 64 Beta, which developers announced last week.

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How the Update Mutes Autoplay Videos

Gizmodo said after a user downloads the update, go to a page that automatically plays video with sound. Next to the URL text field is a lower-case letter i or a green lock icon.

A user just has to click that, and a drop-down menu will show up that includes a Sound option. Click Sound then pick Always block on this site.

Rest assured, you can browse the site without having to deal with those annoying autoplay ad videos from thereon.

Aside from giving the user the capability to mute autoplay videos, the update also stops redirection of the user to malicious sites, Gizmodo also said.

Stronger Pop-Up Blocker

Meanwhile, the Chromium blog post also said Chrome 64 Beta also has a “stronger pop-up blocker.”

Google Chrome’s developers said the update was in response to feedback about “unwanted content.”

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1 out of every 5 user feedback reports submitted on Chrome for desktop mention some type of unwanted content,” they said.

Examples include links to third-party websites disguised as play buttons or other site controls or transparent overlays on websites that capture all clicks and open new tabs or windows.”

With the update, the developers said the pop-up blocker deters “abusive” sites from opening new tabs or windows.

The developers suggested that site administrators or owners use the Abusive Experiences Report in Google Search Console to report abusive experiences found on their site.

Meanwhile, Chrome 64 Beta comes just after the company announced that it would disallow third-party software to inject code into Chrome on Windows by 2019 due to “vulnerabilities.”

What’s Next?

Google has released an update to Google Chrome that silences autoplay videos.

What can you say about the update? Share them below.

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