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Google Chrome Now Lets You Mute Those Annoying Autoplay Ads on Sites

Google MuteWhat’s one of the things you hate while browsing the Internet? It’s those super annoying autoplay ads that appear on whatever site you visit, right?

Well, Google has fixed that for Google Chrome users via an update released on Wednesday.

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Jon Krafcik, Group Product Manager of Data Privacy and Transparency, issued a blog post on the update on Thursday.

Krafnick announced that Chrome users can now have “greater control with new features in the ads settings.”

Mute Site Option

Mashable reported that previously, a Chrome user right clicks on a website’s tab to show a menu with “Mute Tab” as one of the options.

But with the update, the menu now includes “Mute Site.”

To see the “Mute Site” option, a user has to have the latest Chrome version, which can be updated by clicking the “Chrome” button when the browser is opened.

A user should click “About Google Chrome” and then click the blue “launch” button shown next to the current version.

Now, if the “launch” button doesn’t show up, it means that your Chrome is already updated.

Significant Update

The site also said that while the update may seem minor at first, it is significant because a website (as opposed to a specific page within a site) can be permanently silenced.

The Ad Settings update comes just a few weeks after Google “deprecated” the parental control features on Chrome and would be replaced with new software later this year.

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What’s Next?

Google has updated Chrome Ads Settings whereby a user can now have more control over muting those autoplay ad videos on websites.

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