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Google Chrome Parental Control Will Be Shut Down and Replaced

Google Chrome Parental ControlAttention parents, if your kid is using Google Chrome to go on the Internet, be sure to supervise him as your child browses the Web.

Google has announced that the parental control features on Chrome would be “deprecated” effective today, January 12, and would be replaced with new software later this year.

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Email Notice

The announcement was contained in an email sent to users of the program this week.

“Chrome Supervised Users,” as the program is called, was launched in beta back in October 2013.

The program allowed a parent to lock the Chrome browser on a device as well as block access to specific websites, enable “SafeSearch” for filtering Google Search results and keep a history of visited websites.

In the email, Google said it “heard feedback about how we can improve the experience for you and your children.”

Based on this feedback, we are working on a new set of Chrome OS supervision features specifically for the needs of families to launch later this year.” The email did not give a date for the release of the replacement.

Google said that starting January 12, users “will no longer be able to create or re-import supervised users” but would still be able to use existing Chrome Supervised Users on Chromebooks, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

And on January 15, “remote supervision at chrome.com/manage will no longer be available.”Existing settings for Supervised Users cannot be changed anymore as well

Family Link Feature

In the email, the company mentioned about Family Link, a program that was launched by Google in September that lets users make Google accounts for their children and manage their browsing experience in Chrome on Android devices.

Family Link is only available in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United States, according to a CNN report.

TechCrunch, on the other hand, said the solution only works on mobile devices. Chrome Supervised Users was created for those using a desktop.

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What’s Next?

Google has “deprecated” the Supervised Users program on Chrome and would replace it with new supervision tools during the year.

What are your thoughts on the move? Share them below.

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