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Google Home New Feature – Multitasking

Google HomeGoogle Home can now do two related tasks at the same time.

The device’s new feature was first reported by CNET and Google confirmed it to TechCrunch.

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TechCrunch described the new feature “as a handy addition” considering that Google Home had been known to accept commands one at a time only.

CNET, for its part, said that kind of limitation could be a hassle.

The site pointed out that telling Google Home to dim the light in a part of your home, play a particular song, or lower the volume would require the user to make separate commands.

Not anymore.


The multitasking feature is limited to a string of two related commands for now.

CNET provided useful stringing commands such as telling Google Home to play a specific music genre and set the volume at 5 or dim the lights at home then play “focus music” or turn on the lights and find a user’s phone.

What makes the new feature unique is that a Google Home user can “pair string commands with Shortcuts,” CNET said.

The multitasking feature added to Google Home comes just after reports came out that Google Home’s mini speakers would crash “while playing music at full volume.”

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Google Home’s manufacturer has assured that it is looking into the issue and asked complaining users to provide more details about the problem with the mini speakers so that the company can determine what is causing the crash.

In the meantime, lowering the volume appears to fix the problem while Google is thinking of a permanent solution.

What’s Next?

Google has now allowed its Home device to carry out two tasks at one time.

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