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Google Is Making a Big Splash at the CES 2018

CES 2018Google is making sure that it wants to everyone attending the 2018 Consumer Electronic Showcase (CES) that begins on January 9 in Las Vegas to know that the Internet search giant is at the annual event.

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TechCrunch reported that as any motorist driving down Paradise Road toward the Las Vegas Convention Center won’t be able to miss the company’s parking lot booth.

Huge Sign

The booth is still under construction as of Sunday, but a massive, black and white “Hey Google” sign is already hanging over it and can be seen many blocks away.

TechCrunch said the sign is a “slightly altered reconstruction of the whimsical invite” that Google sent out ahead of the 2018 CES “right down to the neon blue looping slide connected to the side of the temporary structure.”

Aside from that, two monorail trains sport the words “Hey Google” in bold letters.

Google did not make its presence felt in a big way in past CES editions, TechCrunch noted.

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Push for Google Assistant

Fortune reported that Google is out to push its voice-controlled Assistant and related devices.

The site believes that this year’s CES will be a battleground for the so-called digital assistant war.

Google has Assistant, Apple has Siri and Amazon has Alexa. Microsoft, for its part, has Cortana.

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TechCrunch also gave a similar observation, noting that Google made a much more aggressive push of Assistant last year to compete with Alexa.

Google also launched a family of Home products, introduced a new pair of smart earbuds and began putting Assistant into smart speakers made by other companies, the site added.

What’s Next?

Google is making its presence felt in a big way at the 2018 CES and is out to aggressively promote the Assistant.

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