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Google Reveals How Ad Filtering Works on Chrome

ChromeGoogle had announced that those annoying autoplay ad videos on sites would be filtered or muted on Chrome.

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The feature was included in an update rolled out by the Internet search giant in January.

In the past, anybody who uses Chrome could right click on a website’s tab then click the “Mute Tab,” but with the update, right-clicking on the tab now shows “Mute Site.”

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In a blog post on Wednesday, Google said that starting today, February 15, Chrome will automatically block ads on sites that do not meet Better Ads Standards and showed how ad filtering works on the browser.

The standards were drafted following a public consumer study by the Coalition for Better Ads. The coalition that includes Microsoft and Facebook keeps an eye on improving users’ experience with online advertising.


Google said it would review sites by looking at sample pages and depending on how many violations of the Better Ads Standards are found, “the site will be evaluated as having a status of Passing, Warning, or Failing.”

However, if a site continues to maintain non-compliant ad experiences 30 days after being notified of violations, Chrome will begin to block ads on that site.”


Google said while Chrome users will not anymore see ads on sites that consistently violate the Better Ads Standards, the company’s goal “is not to filter any ads at all but to improve the experience for all web users.”

As of February 12, 42% of sites which were failing the Better Ads Standards have resolved their issues and are now passing,” Google added.

What’s Next?

Google has revealed how ad filtering on Chrome works.

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