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HOPR Launches Electric Bike with a Portable Power Pack

CycleHop has launched the HOPR pedal-assisted electric bicycle made exclusively for bike-share programs.

The bike comes with a portable power pack, making it the first dockless two-wheeled vehicle.

The e-bike is CycleHop’s newest offering under its advanced mobility program after the recent launch of the HOPR all transit pass and payment iOS app in Chicago.

Power Pack’s Dual Function

The power packs are not only for HOPR bikes but can also be used to charge devices.

When not in use with a HOPR e-bike, the power packs can be utilized as a portable charging device for your tablets and phones,” CycleHope said in a press release.

Pushing the Boundaries of Shared Mobility

CycleHope chief executive officer Josh Squire said they are committed to “pushing the boundaries of what shared mobility can do for riders with HOPR’s hardware and software.”

Squire said the e-bike and its portable power packs represent CycleHop’s goal of “adding value for riders on and off the bike while eliminating expensive charging infrastructure.”

CycleHope said HOPR e-bike users would receive the power packs from their local bike share program when they sign up.

The power packs are about as large as a big smartphone and weigh two pounds.

How to Charge the Power Packs

CycleHop said HOPR bike users could charge the power packs through an A/C outlet at their home or office.

A power pack connects into a port located in the basket in front of the bicycle.

When fully charged, a user can travel for 10 miles while the pedal-assist motor will help riders attain speeds of 15 miles per hour.


CycleHop said the e-bike works with the HOPR app, which the company rolled out earlier this month.

According to a Mashable report, the app links all transit options in Chicago and would soon connect transit alternatives (bike-share, rideshare, trains, or buses) in Vancouver and Los Angeles.

What’s Next?

CycleHop has introduced the first dockless electric bicycle made exclusively for bike-share programs.

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