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Instagram Introduces Recommended Posts

Recommended PostsHave you checked your Instagram feed? There is a new section that features recommended posts.

The feature was tested early this month and then went live without any fanfare. Instagram announced the feature on Friday.

Basis for Showing Recommended Posts

In the announcement, Instagram said the “Recommended for You” posts “are suggested based on posts liked by accounts a user follows.”

Those who want to hide “Recommended for You” posts temporarily are provided steps to follow if the user is using either an iPhone or Android device.


Instagram has been pretty busy tweaking its features the past months.

Just recently, the platform has begun testing a standalone messaging app.

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Currently, a user can send a direct message via the platform.

Also, Instagram now allows users to send a live video through a Direct Message.

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TechCrunch said the “Recommended for You” section is “clearly labeled so as not to be confused with your own home feed.

A user’s feed will contain three to five suggested posts, an Instagram spokesperson told TechCrunch.

Not a Replacement for Preferred Content

The spokesperson also emphasized that the new section is not out to displace the content a user wants instead of the platform’s suggestions.

“Rather, the section will appear after you’ve viewed all the posts in your feed,” the spokesperson said.

TechCrunch also said Instagram already features recommended content, but a user had to go to the Explore section to see it.

The introduction of the “Recommended For You” is a big change for Instagram “perhaps one of the largest since the switch from the chronological feed to the algorithmic one, or the introduction of ads.”

What’s Next?

Instagram now offers recommended posts to its millions of users.

What are your thoughts on the new section? Share them below.

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