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Instagram Live Now Allows You To Add A Friend In Your Livestream

Instagram LivestreamGuess what, Instagrammers? You can now add a friend when you live on the app.

Yes, Instagram has made available for all its subscribers a feature that allows a user to add a guest to a live video stream.

Instagram announced in August that it has begun testing the feature.

The test involved small groups of users, reports said.

How It Works

It’s easy to add a guest while you’re broadcasting. Simply tap the new icon on the bottom right and tap “Add” to invite anyone who’s currently watching,” the post said.

When a user goes live, he or she can add someone who’s watching the stream.

If that person accepts the invitation, the stream will change to a split-screen view, so both person’s live feeds appear at the same time.

The feature only supports two users at the same time though.

A user and guest don’t need to stay live together all throughout the live stream. The person who was invited can go, and another person can be added.

Sharing Option

TechCrunch said a user on Instagram would see friends who are using the live video + guest feature as two circles stacked together in the Stories status bar.

The videos, as with regular live videos, can be discarded after they run or they can be saved to live on as Stories, which can be shared to Facebook as Facebook Stories.

Engagement Booster

The feature could dramatically boost engagement with live video.

According to a Mashable report, Instagram said opening up live streams to multiple people at once makes the feature more accessible to those who may be too shy to do a live video solo.

The site also said it hopes to bring out more videos from its 800 million users.

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What’s Next?

Now that you can add a guest when you do a live stream, have you tried it out? Share your thoughts about the new feature by commenting below.

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