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Instagram Now Allows You To Share A Moment In 3 Right-To-Left Languages

InstagramHello and welcome to Instagram, Arabic, Hebrew, and Farsi!

Instagram has announced on Tuesday that the three languages written from right to left have been added to the photo and video app.

How To Change Your Language Setting

Go to the settings tab on your profile and tap “Languages” to choose Arabic, Hebrew or Farsi. “Your app will update to read from right to left,” Instagram’s post said.

And if you want to learn more about how to change the language settings, you can visit the Help Center.

Available First On Android Devices

The new languages, however, are available in the app installed on Android devices in the meantime. The app is currently working on making the language update work on iOS devices.

While there are already Instagram posts in Arabic and other right-to-left languages in the captions and on hashtags, Mashable pointed out that the language settings will include that option within the framework of the app.

Instagram currently supports 36 other languages.

Delayed Explained

Why did it take this long for Instagram to make the language update to include Arabic, Hebrew, and Farsi?

According to TechCrunch, “adding a language like Arabic or Hebrew to software written in English isn’t as easy as adding a language like Spanish.”

In fact, Instagram had to reconfigure the entire app to support languages that are written from right to left.”

Mike Krieger, Instagram’s co-founder, said in a statement: “I’m proud of our efforts to make Instagram one of the most inclusive and diverse platforms in the world.”

With this update, we hope even more Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi speakers are able to use Instagram to connect with the people and interests that matter to them.”

Reports said there are over 60 million monthly active Instagram users in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region where the three languages are mainly spoken, so the language update is sure to delight a lot of users there.

Instagram Isn’t The First To Make The Language Update

Instagram isn’t the first social media app to support languages that read from right to left though, Engadget reported.

Twitter first supported Hebrew and Urdu on its main website then added Arabic and Farsi.

What’s Next?

What can you say about Instagram’s language update as the app now supports Arabic, Hebrew, and Farsi?

Share them by commenting below.

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