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iOS 11.1.2 Released to Fix iPhone X Screen

Apple iOsDoes your iPhone X freeze amid the cold weather?

Fret no more. Apple has released iOS 11.1.2 to fix that.

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iPhone X users have complained in social media early this month that their phone’s touchscreen would become unresponsive in cold weather.

The $999-phone was launched last November 3.

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Reddit user @darus214 said: “I’ve noticed that my iPhone X screen becomes very unresponsive as soon as I step outside. It literally takes 2 seconds from going inside to the cold outdoors and my screen stops being very responsive.”

I try swiping on websites, and it doesn’t register my finger. It’s very noticeable. Is anyone else having this problem?”

Another user, however, said “locking and unlocking the screen” resolves the issue but it can be bothersome.

Apple’s Statement

In a statement to The Loop, Apple said: “We are aware of instances where the iPhone X screen will become temporarily unresponsive to touch after a rapid change to a cold environment. After several seconds the screen will become fully responsive again.”

Apple had said in its guide for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to use the devices “in environments where the ambient temperature is between 32º and 95º F; otherwise, the device might ‘change its behavior’ or ‘temporarily shorten battery life’.”

The gadgets should also be stored in environments where the temperature is between -4º and 113º F, the guide added.

Meanwhile, iOS 11.1.2 also has an update to fix a problem with the iPhone X camera.

What’s Next?

Don’t know how to install the update? Just go to Settings then click General and Software Update.

What are your thoughts on iOS 11.1.2? Share them by commenting below.

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