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iOS 11.3 Present a New Way for Parents to Use Their Face ID

Face IDThere is a new for parents to use their iPhone X’s Face ID feature. iOS 11.3 would allow parents to approve purchases by their children.

Unlimited or unrestricted access and use of mobile phones can be worrisome for parents. Kids can make purchases.

However, Apple has come up with a way for parents to approve or disapprove purchases by their children with their Face ID instead of using a passcode.

9to5Mac.com first noticed the feature.

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How It’s Done

After downloading iOS 11.3, a parent has to sign in with his or her Apple ID to approve or reject a purchase, after which a parent is presented with an option to enable FaceID for purchase approval.

iOS 11.3 would be rolled in spring. To update an iPhone X to iOS 11.3, go to Settings then General and then Software Update. Select Download and Install to finish the process.

Once a parent clicks “Enable,” he or she would be able to approve a child’s purchase.

A First for Face ID

Mashable reported that while it has been possible to approve purchases using Touch ID on older iPhone models, it is the first time that iPhone X owners can authorize a purchase using Face ID instead of a passcode.

Face ID is an exclusive feature of iPhone X, but reports quoted Apple as saying that it would be included in future models.

Meanwhile, 9to5Mac also reported Apple is working on a solution to allow users to log in to various websites using their Apple ID only.

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What’s Next?

Apple’s upcoming iOS 1.3 would allow parents to approve purchases by their kids via Face ID.

What can you say about it? Share your thoughts below.

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