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iPhone X Face ID Can’t Tell Identical Twins Apart

iPhone X Face IDDo you have an identical twin? Do you plan to get an iPhone X when the iPhone 10th anniversary model is released this Friday?

If you do, you’d have to make a passcode to protect your data.

iPhone X’s Face ID feature can’t tell the difference between identical twins. Or so says Mashable.

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iPhone X (or the number 10) is first Apple gadget to feature face-mapping technology to unlock the phone. It essentially replaces Touch ID.

Apple said back in September when it introduced Face ID that the feature is more secure than Touch ID, “which has 1-in-50,000 false acceptance rate.”


Mashable tested the Face ID feature on two sets of identical male twins – MJ and Mark Franklin, and Carlos and Alex Cardoniga.

To test Face ID’s Twin-ID-ing capabilities, we had one brother register his face on the iPhone X, verify that he could unlock the phone by looking at it and then hand the locked device to his identical twin brother,” Mashable said.

With both sets of twins, the other twin unlocked the iPhone X, even though neither one had registered his face with Face ID on the iPhone X.”

With the Franklin twins, we had both brothers remove their glasses and had the other brother register. Again, Face ID failed to tell the difference.”

Opposite Results

Business Insider also tested the Face ID feature but used only one set of twins and got opposite results. The function wasn’t fooled.

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The tech giant had warned that the Face ID acceptance rate might be somewhat lower if presented with two people with very similar DNA or with identical twins.

Apple senior vice president Phil Schiller said in September: “There’s no perfect system, not even biometric ones. If you happen to have an evil twin, you really need to protect your sensitive data with a passcode.”

What’s Next?

What are your thoughts on the issue regarding Face ID when used on identical twins? Should Apple resolve the problem?

Share your views by commenting below.

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