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Nimbus Data Introduces World’s Biggest SSD


Nimbus Data, which pioneered flash memory solution, has come out with the world’s biggest 3.5-inch solid state drive (SSD) with 100 terabytes (TB) storage.

In a press statement, the company said ExaDrive DC100 uses energy efficiently as it “draws 85 percent less power per terabyte” or 0.1 watts/TB.

These innovations reduce total cost of ownership per terabyte by 42 percent compared to competing enterprise SSDs, helping accelerate flash memory adoption in both cloud infrastructure and edge computing.”

Nimbus Data, however, did not say the price of ExaDrive DC100.

According to Mashable, Nimbus Data surpassed the 60TB 3.5-inch SSD drive record set by Seagate’s SAS SSD.

Mashable pointed out that even if an SSD is designed for the use of businesses, its 3.5-inch design allows a user to pop it into a PC tower and the user never has to worry about storage anymore.

Speeds are roughly in-line with enterprise-grade SSD, too: up to 100K read/write IOps ‘for balanced performance.’”

Storage Capacity

How much storage does a 100-TB SSD have?

ExaDrive DC100 can store 20 million songs, 20,000 HD movies, or 2,000 iPhones worth of data, according to Nimbus Data.

Nimbus Data founder and chief executive officer Thomas Isakovich explained why the company came out with ExaDrive DC100.

Isakovich said: “As flash memory prices decline, capacity, energy efficiency, and density will become the critical drivers of cost reduction and competitive advantage.”

The ExaDrive DC100 meets these challenges for both data center and edge applications, offering unmatched capacity in an ultra-low power design.”

Nimbus Data said ExaDrive DC100 has “an unlimited endurance guarantee for five years.”

What’s Next?

Nimbus Data has introduced the world’s biggest 3.5-inch SSD with 100TB data, which would be of great use to enterprises.

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