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No More Fear: Get A Tight Grip On Your Gadget With Momo Phone Grip

Phone GripFor less than 10 dollars, you can be free of that nagging fear of accidentally dropping that expensive phone you just purchased.

You can now buy a phone grip that attaches to any phone and wraps around your finger.

Also, Momo Stick Phone Grip not only makes sure you don’t drop your gadget, but it lets a smartphone user take better images  – goodbye to blurry pics because of a shaky hand! –  and the phone grip can also be mounted inside your car.

Let’s face it, we’ve dropped our phone at one time or another. Lucky are those whose phone screen didn’t break after a nasty thud on the ground but woe to those whose phone screen cracked.

Product Description

The phone grips comes in four colors: white, black, gold and pink.

The product description says that the phone grip attaches to the back of any phone “adding barely any bulk while allowing you to push up the attached band to create a perfect grip for your finger.”

You can take better photos, and even put the Momo Stick in your car’s vent to act as a phone mount while driving.”

If a user wants to remove the phone grip, it can be taken off because the adhesive isn’t permanent so you can use it on other gadgets.

Cool, isn’t it?

Other features:

The Momo Stick Phone Grip also:

  • Works as a self-supporting stand for watching videos
  • Slides to work for any grip

The grip is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)..

The device, whose original price is $9.99 but is now sold for $8 (or a savings of 19 percent).

What’s Next?

So instead of buying those phone cases that add bulk to your phone and can be sometimes heavy, why not purchase the Momo Stick Phone Grip?

What can you say about the product? Share them by commenting below.

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