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No More Worry With This Wi-Fi Security Cam


Security CameraYou’re on the road going to the office or to the airport to fly to an exotic spot for a much-needed vacation.

But you ask yourself: “Did I lock the door when I left?” so you have to go back to double-check.

Or you say, “I hope no one breaks in while I’m away.”

Home and apartment owners want to have peace of mind while they’re away, so they install security cameras to see what’s going on in their place when they’re not around.

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One such security cam is the JS Innovations Wi-Fi Smart Home Security Camera.

Easy to Plug and Use

You just plug it in and connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi service, but it must be within a 70m range, and you’ll be able to see what your children at home have been up to or if your pet dog or cat is behaving.

The security cam comes with an app that you can download on your smartphone, freeing you from the burden of having to use a laptop. The app is compatible with Android 3.0 and later, and iOS 7 and later.

You can also control multiple cameras from your phone.

Camera Features

What JS EPEX cam offers the user:

  • The ability to view and monitor any place you desire
  • Control and view your home environment from anywhere
  • Use the built-in microphone and speaker to remotely communicate with a person at home or office
  • Record in 720p HD with online & local storage
  • Email notifications whenever the camera senses something amiss
  • Detect movement, even at night because it has built-in night vision with 20m range

Other details of the security camera are pan/tilt: 355º pan, 120º tilt; memory: up to 128GB, audio: 38dB mic / 2X 8Ω1W speaker, and sensors: motion, temperature, humidity.

What’s Next?

Security cameras can give you the peace of mind and sense of security while you’re not at home. It can also be a crime-fighting tool.

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What are your thoughts on the device? Share them by commenting below.

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