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Pineapple Funds Continues to Give Away Money

Pineapple FundThe people behind Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA) are happy that they don’t have to look for funds and would focus on technological solutions to problems faced by the earth’s oceans.

This after the SOA received $1 million from the Pineapple Fund, which would also be used for its Ocean Solutions Accelerator.

SOA chief executive and founder Daniela Fernandez told TechCrunch: “Nothing changes for us, but now we have a bit more of a foundation. Now we can spend less time groveling for money and more time building an actual program.”

SOA Vision

What does SOA do? As stated in a press release, the alliance’s vision “is to transform brilliant solutions from young people around the world into revenue-generating companies that can scale and have a positive impact on the health and sustainability of the ocean.”

Fernandez said the Bitcoins had been transferred and cashed out, and the group now has the balance of the $1 million after fees and taxes were deducted, according to a TechCrunch report.

Pineapple Fund’s Motive

The fund was set up by an anonymous Bitcoin (BTC) millionaire identified only as Pine in December last year.

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Pine said in a phone conversation with The Guardian: “I’m happy that I can help change the world for the better. I have a great deal of faith in humanity, but I wish more people could live with love and respect for each other.”

Since then, the Fund has donated various amounts to groups and organizations like Medicine Foundation, OMF, The Apache Software Foundation, SENS Research Foundation, to name a few, and to causes like fighting extreme poverty in Africa.

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What’s Next?

Pineapple Fund has added yet another group to its list of BTC recipients.

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