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A Portable Safe That Keeps Your Valuables in One Place

Portable SafeIf there is anything that international travelers fear the most – it’s losing their credit card, valuables, cash, or passport while in a foreign country.

It’s a nightmare when that happens.

You have to call your credit card company to cancel your card, go to your country’s embassy or consulate to get a replacement of your lost passport, among other things to do.

That’s why most hotel rooms have a steel safe where a guest can put his or her valuables and other documents while he or she is out.

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But how about a passport or a bottle of prescription medicine that can drop out of your bag without you noticing it while walking or riding a tour bus or cab?

You can use those so-called “fanny packs,” but they aren’t exactly safe to put in your passport and prescription medicine bottle as well.

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Portable Safe

Well, have you heard of a portable safe?

It’s a box where you can put in your cash, valuables, travel documents and prescription medicines while you go around town or attend a business meeting.

iKey Pro Safe is light enough for you to carry and comes with a combination lock. It also gives off an alarm if someone tampers with it, scaring off Mr. Sticky Hands.

You ask how big it is? It has room for at least eight prescription medicine bottles.

The safe is an iKey project that got funded on Indiegogo, by the way.


The iKey Pro Safe:

  • Installs securely in seconds using a patented expandable wing system
  • Provides 24/7 security monitoring
  • Is accessible via smartphone
  • Sends real-time notifications and reminders about items in the safe as well as alerts if it’s being tampered with
  • Packs valuables in one place
  • Offers sealed, humidity-resistant storage
  • Has a built-in siren to protect against unauthorized access
  • Lets a user set alerts to remind him or her to take medication or track if medication is being taken

What’s Next?

What can you say about that the iKey Pro Safe? Share your comments below.

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