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Reddit Introduces New Apps in Mobile Version

RedditReddit has rolled out an update that brings many of the website’s features to the mobile version launched last year.

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In a post, the platform said the update has a “new set of features and mod tools.”

The site included a video about what the update contains.

Attract More Users

The update is apparently part of the platform’s effort to attract more users and to make the site more acceptable to a user.

Just recently, the site has cracked down on violent vitriol by banning Nazi pages.

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TechCrunch reported that update rolled out “a number of new features focused on media consumption – including how it handles photos, videos, and GIFs.”

Also, it introduced real-time comment feeds, in-app chat, tools for moderators and more.

Inspired by Work From Other Clients

TechCrunch believes that some of the new features “seem inspired by work from other third-party clients,” citing the Theater Mode option on iOS as an example.

The option allows users to browse media in a “video-first” format – as Reddit calls it.

What this means is that users can open a video in a full-screen experience and can opt to watch the clip in landscape or portrait mode and go back and forth between media.

TechCrunch said the full-screen media mode is one of the features that made the new third-party Reddit app called Apollo earn much praise from users.

Meanwhile, the site said Reddit’s real-time comments feature, which the platform’s employees tested before its rollout, now makes it at par with Twitter.

What’s Next?

Reddit has now moved many of its website’s applications to the mobile version, hoping that it would attract more users.

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What can you say about Reddit’s move? Share your thoughts below.

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