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Replace Your Selfie Stick with Stick It

Stick ItThere was a time when selfie sticks became hugely popular because of the convenience it gives us when we take a selfie with our new attire or hair color or a group photo from a distance.

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Also, selfie sticks are useful for those who have slippery hands.

Although there’s the so-called “mirror selfie,” there are those of us who just don’t want the phone included in the photo.

Mashable reported that the “makers of the selfie stick have created a new, more convenient way to take a selfie,” and it’s called Selfie Stick It.

World’s First Hands-Free Smartphone Mount

It is the world’s first hands-free smartphone mount with Bluetooth remote that can stick anywhere,” according to seller Adorama Camera.

You can place your smartphone in portrait or landscape position and the Selfie Stick It can be used many times.

The Selfie Stick It sticks strongly on all surfaces – wood, glass, mirror, marble, etc. and fits smartphones of any size and brand. It can be easily removed from where it was mounted and won’t leave any mark.

If there is no smooth surface, the Selfie Stick It can become a tabletop tripod, according to Mashable report.

It also has Bluetooth Remote Control that works with both iOS and Android.

Easy to Carry

Because of its size (it weighs less than an ounce), it’s easier to carry than a selfie stick.

The Selfie Stick It costs $19.99 with free shipping if purchased from Amazon. So far, it has garnered four of five stars based on reviews on Amazon.

What’s Next?

The makers of the selfie stick have come out with a replacement – the Selfie Stick It. Just stick it to any surface and click away.

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