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Samsung Out To Make Advanced Charging Mat

Samsung Charging MatSouth Korean electronics giant Samsung is coming out with a wireless charging mat for its devices.

The website Patently Apple came upon a patent application filed by Samsung with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the charging mat.

The mat is similar to Apple’s AirPower, which will come out next year.

Simultaneous Charging

Samsung’s planned charging mat would charge two devices at once.

It can either be two phones or a phone and a smartwatch as shown in the illustration that accompanied the patent application.

Samsung already has a wireless charging device, but it can only charge one gadget.

Device Detection Feature

Samsung’s patent application states that the wireless mat will detect the type of device that was placed.

Once it determines the type of device on the mat, it will employ the appropriate charging method for the device.

The patent also said the mat supports both inductive and resonant charging modes, making it suitable for all devices which conform to the Qi standard, a 9to5google.com report said.

The power transmitting unit may include two induction coils in the magnetic induction method and a resonance coil in the magnetic resonance method,” the patent stated.

The first and second induction coils are intended to wirelessly supply power to the electronic device to be charged by the magnetic induction method, and the resonance coil is intended to wirelessly supply power to the electronic device to be charged by the magnetic resonance method.”

Future Of Charging Devices

Mashable reported that wireless charging is going to be the norm when it comes to charging gadgets in the future.

Samsung’s latest Galaxy phones, such as the S7 and S6 feature wireless charging capability.

So do Apple’s iPhone 8 models and the upcoming iPhone 10th anniversary model – the iPhone X.

What’s Next?

Both Samsung and Apple are out to make the charging of devices more convenient for users through wireless technology.

What are your thoughts about the technologies that will be offered by the two tech giants? Share them below.

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