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Snap Inc. Downsizes Content Teams

Snap IncIt was a sad Thursday for at least two dozen employees of Snapchat parent company Snap Inc.

Snap has laid off 24 employees, mostly from eight content teams, according to sources at the six-year-old company who talked to Cheddar.

A Snap spokesperson confirmed the layoffs but did not comment any further.

Cheddar’s sources said among those laid off were editors “who curate user-submitted videos for breaking news and other events.”

The content division worked with more than 70 publishers like NBC network and BuzzFeed to produce fresh videos for the app.

Those who remained in the content teams “were also asked to relocate to the company’s Los Angeles headquarters.

Employees in Snap Inc.’s engineering and partnership teams were also laid off.

App Redesign

Cheddar said the layoffs happen as the company is attempting to resuscitate slow user growth with a significant redesign of the app that was launched back in November.

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The redesign was meant to make Snapchat “less confusing by separating friend-based communication from publishers and incorporating a Facebook-like feed of video content.”

Widespread Criticism of Redesigned App

The app’s redesign, however, had been met with widespread criticism from the U.K., Canada, and Australia.

TechCrunch reported that 83 percent of user reviews of the redesigned app were negative.

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Snap plans to make the redesign available to all users by the end of the first quarter of the year, another source told Cheddar.

Just recently, Snap Inc. said it would use human editors to review content submitted by users that are featured in the redesign app’s feed, which the company hopes would make the platform free of fake news that has plagued other social networks.

What’s Next?

Snap Inc. has let go of two dozen employees across several divisions amid stagnant user growth and engagement.

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