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Snapchat Rolls out Adorable Porg Filter

Adorable PorgThose who’ve seen a teaser of the “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” that will come out in theaters this week surely got a glimpse of a new alien character called Porg.

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You can now include the adorable character in your social media post.

Snapchat has released a Porg filter to advertise the upcoming “Star Wars” film.

“The Last Jedi” held its Hollywood preem last weekend and will be out in theaters later this week.

How to See the Porg Filter

Mashable said when the Snapchat camera is in selfie-mode, the lens offers “a face filter with a lightsaber.”

But when a user reverses the camera by tapping on the screen, a Porg appears wherever the lens is pointed at.

A user can turn on the sound to hear the Porg’s sounds and wing-flapping.

Reactions on social media about the Porg filter have been favorable.

On Twitter, @cozyhalf said: “this is the content that I want from snapchat #porg” while @hmmconcannon tweeted: “This #Porg filter on @Snapchat is filling my heart with such joy. #TheLastJedi.

Mashable said Snapchat has been pushing for such type of ads to promote a film or event to persuade advertisers and investors that the platform can be“fun and creative more than other social media sites.

Also, Snapchat will be undergoing an app upgrade to attract more users hopefully.

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Snap Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel said in an Axios post that it would be separating “social” posts from “media posts.”

He said the move would be a better method for publishers “to distribute and monetize their Stories,” and “a more personal way” for users to communicate and find the content they want to view.

What’s Next?

Snapchat has introduced a Porg filter that will surely delight Star Wars fans.

What are your thoughts on the feature? Share them by commenting below.

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