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Snapchat Spectacles Bought By Just 150,000 Users The Past Year

SnapchatIn September 2016, Snapchat introduced its camera sunglasses called Spectacles, which sell for $130 in three colors.

SnapChat Spectacles are “a pair of smartglasses dedicated to recording video for the Snapchat service.”

The sunglasses had camera lens and are capable of recording short video segments and syncing with a smartphone to upload to the user’s online account.

Badly Estimated

Snapchat believed that the product would be a huge hit and made thousands of pairs.

Citing “two sources close to the company,” however, The Information reported that “Snap badly overestimated demand for its Spectacles.”

And there are “now has hundreds of thousands of unsold units sitting in warehouses, either fully assembled or in parts.”

TechCrunch, for its part, said Business Insider’s Alex Heath reported that “internal Snap data shows less than 50 percent of buyers kept using Spectacles a month after purchase.”

“A ‘sizeable’ percentage stopped after just a week, with a source calling the retention rate, shockingly low,’” TechCrunch also said.

TechCrunch said the problem is that “Snap generated huge hype for Spectacles, but then waited 5 months to sell them openly.”

Once people tried Spectacles, few kept wearing them, and word of mouth about their disuse spread. Snap never got visionary video markers onboard.”

And as Snapchat’s popularity waned in the face of competitors, the fact that Spectacles only interfaced with its app rather than a phone’s camera roll became a burden.”

TechCrunch, however, said there were things that SnapChat did right as regard Spectacles such as the fashion photo spread announcement and Snapbots (yellow vending machines) put up in random locations.

Meanwhile, Business Insider said a Snap representative refused to comment on the Internal Snap data.

But the representative said Snap “has worked to improve how the glasses work through software updates over the past year” and “is pleased that 73 percent of reviews for Spectacles on Amazon give the product a five-star rating.”

What’s Next

It appears that SnapChat erred as regard the camera sunglasses.

Share your thoughts about the product and reports about dismal sales of the smartglasses by commenting below.

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