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Social Media Platform Storify to Shut Down in May Next Year

StorifySocial media publishing platform Storify will cease to exist as a standalone service in May next year.

While the standalone service will cease to exist at 5 p.m. Pacific Time on May 16, processes towards its closure will already take effect today.

Storify announced it would no longer accept new accounts and assured existing users that it is “committed to making the transition as smooth as possible.”


The service said in its FAQ page current users can still use “all capabilities of the service” until May 16, 2018, but the “ability to create new stories” will stop on May 1.

Storify suggested that users should export any content they would like to keep by May 16, 2018, using Storify’s export function.

The FAQ page provided steps on how Storify users can export content.


Storify was acquired by commenting service Livefyre back in 2013. Then in March last year, Adobe bought Livefyre.

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Adobe announced back then that Livefyre would become part of Adobe Experience Manager and would be integrated across Adobe Marketing Cloud “to make user-generated content available across all eight digital marketing solutions.”

A TechCrunch report said that while Storify will cease to exist, it will be resurrected in another form – Storify2 – under Livefyre and can be used only by those who have bought a Livefyre license.

A spokesperson for Adobe told TechCrunch that after they acquired Livefyre, the service has been “fully integrating and aligning the product with Adobe Experience Cloud and its enterprise solutions.”

The Adobe representatives added that Livefyre’s Storify.com, however, “doesn’t fit in that strategy.”

TechCrunch said Adobe already put up a product page for Storify 2, which provides “workflows and collaboration tools to streamline live blogging for large news organizations.”

What’s Next?

Storify, which used to be popular among writers who want to arrange social media posts in chronological order, will be closing shop next year.

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