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Sweatcoin App Pays a User to Exercise

SweatcoinIt’s been more than a month since the Christmas holidays, and you still don’t have that drive to lose the pounds you gained.

As for other people, they just don’t have to motivation to go out and exercise.

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Earn In-App Coins

Sweatcoin, however, has developed an app that would surely entice you to start brisk walking because a user who’d download the app gets to earn in-app coins that can be used to make a purchase.

The app is hugely popular. It’s included in the App Store’s top 10 fitness apps for weeks now, according to reports by Mashable and TechCrunch.

Sweatcoin has gathered more than five million users in the past year and enjoyed a hike in revenue by 266 percent in the last quarter, a TechCrunch article said.

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Mashable said the app’s premise is pretty simple.

App Taps into a Phone’s Motion-Tracking Capabilities

Sweatcoin’s app taps into a smartphone owner’s motion-tracking capabilities and monitors the steps a user has taken throughout the day.

A user who makes 1,000 steps will earn his or her first sweatcoin and after accumulating a substantial amount of the in-app coins, “they can be redeemed for gift cards, airline credits, televisions, and other prizes.”

A user can get “big ticket items,” but he or she would need to gather 20,000 sweatcoins.

However, it won’t be that easy to collect sweatcoins as Mashable revealed.

The site said Sweatcoin’s app does not count “indoor” steps on the treadmill at home and gym sessions.

The app also counts “far fewer steps” than other fitness-tracking apps and Sweatcoin explained that it is meant to “deter potential cheaters.”

What’s Next?

Sweatcoin has developed an app that pays a user in-app coins to exercise.

What are your thoughts on it? Share them by commenting below.

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