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Target Launches E-Gifting Option

Christmas ShoppingTarget has added an e-gifting option to its website.

Although the feature called GiftNow quietly went live back in October, the discount retailer only announced, apparently to take advantage of the Christmas shopping season.

The introduction of GiftNow option to the website comes just after Target launched its mobile payment system named Wallet.

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How GiftNow Works

In its announcement, Target said after a guest finds an item on the site, the guest hits the GiftNow button at the bottom right part of the product’s page to send the article in an electronic gift box to the recipient’s email address.

The e-gift giver can either choose to send the item instantly or at a later date so that it can reach the recipient on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

The recipient, on the other hand, gets the gift in his or her inbox and can choose to accept it, change the size, or pick a different product.

No More Awkwardness

All this happens before anything ships—and without alerting you, sparing any awkwardness,” Target said, adding that it is the “perfect solution for those folks on your list who are impossible to shop for.

Target said GiftNow accepts all major credit and debit cards including the Target REDcard, which provides a five-percent discount on all items and free shipping the entire year.

The GiftNow service is powered by Loop Commerce, Target said.

E-Gifting Market

Target now joins Loop and other retailers like Jifiti and Token in the e-gift market.

TechCrunch said GiftNow would be available the entire year and not just for the Christmas season.

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What’s Next?

Target now included an e-gifting option to its website to benefit both the gift-giver and recipient.

What can you say about the service? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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