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Tired of Your Wired Earpieces? Try These Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth EarbudsFor many of us, it’s back to the gym to shed off the unwanted pounds we gained from the parties we attended during the holiday season.

However, you want to get rid of your pair of wired earpieces or headphone that gets in the way of your workout routine.

You find yourself searching for that wireless earpods, only to find out that there lots of them to choose from.

Or you head over to Apple Store to find out if there are not any AirPods anymore available.

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We recommend the Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth Earbuds that are on sale at 57 percent of its original price.

The earbuds originally cost $99.99, but they are being sold by vendors at $42.99.

Simple Design

The earbuds are lightweight and stand out from among the earbuds sold in the market because of “their intuitive, practical simplicity.”

Also, they’re sweat-proof and don’t have any wires.

Made by Cyanfish Intelligence, the Cresuer earbuds has Bluetooth 4.1 support for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, PC, Mac, or any other Bluetooth-supported gadget and CVC Noise Cancellation.

Features and Functions

A Cresuer earbud user can control songs with a simple tap without any pressure on the ear.

A user can also make “clear calls, thanks to CVC Noise Cancellation technology and total noise isolation from silicone eartips.”

A user can listen to music for three hours on a single charge, or up to 12 hours when using the charger and can charge the buds up to four full times while on the move with the wireless charging box.

What’s Next?

If you on the search for wireless earbuds that do not come with complex instructions on how to use them, try out the Creseur wireless earbuds.

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