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Try out the World Best’s Odorless Socks

Meltmall Odorless SocksLet’s face it, we do get smelly feet at times, and it can be embarrassing especially when you are around other people, or you leave your shoes with smelly socks lying around.

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MeltMall, a Chinese company, has claimed that it has come up with “the world’s best odorless socks.”

Infused with Silver, Copper, and Zinc

MP Magic Socks, as a product’s description page states, “is infused with silver, copper, and zinc to keep your feet cool and odor-free.”

The socks “incorporate a super comfortable design” to make more breathable than an average sock, making the user feel like he or she is not wearing socks and “integrated with mineral substance, antibacterial fabrics” that work to make one’s feet odorless.

The company also said the metal infusion technique used in making the socks was developed for the aerospace industry but has decided to design something for everyone.

MeltMall said MP Magic Socks the metal doesn’t wash away unlike regular metal ion socks developed for astronauts that allegedly lose their benefits after washing.

According to a Mashable article, MeltMall is best known for products like the Lockbook – a diary that a user can lock and unlock with his or her fingerprint scanner – and Glovax – a pair of gloves that protects hands from getting calluses.


Mashable’s Monica Chin tested MP Magic Socks herself and let three people that included her boyfriend use it as well.

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A pack of six Magic ankle socks costs $38.

What’s Next?

MeltMall has come up with what it claims to be world’s best odorless socks.

What can you say about the product and tests conducted by Mashable to see if the socks can really stay odorless.

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