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Uber Express Pool Cuts Your Fare By 25%

Uber Express PoolAre you a regular Uber rider? Here’s good news.

The ride-hailing company has found another option to help you save money on your fare.

If you’d walk just a few blocks away from your pickup point or destination, Uber Express POOL will shave 25 percent or so off the cost of the ride.

While ride-hailing companies provide cheaper fares than those collected by cabs, Uber rates can get a bit high, especially when there is a significant demand for rides.

Smart Spots

Uber said Express POOL generates “smart spots” that are easy to drive to and close to the origin or destination of several people seeking an Express POOL.

Here’s how it works:

  • Request Express POOL.
  • Walk up to a couple of blocks to your Express pickup spot.
  • When you arrive at an Express “smart spot,” walk up to a couple of blocks to your destination.

You not only get dropped near your destination, you will also get in-app walking directions to your final address.

A spokesperson for Uber told TechCrunch: “We’re always thinking about ways to put more people in fewer cars while continuing to deliver affordable ride options to consumers.”

As part of that effort, we’re testing some changes to Express POOL where riders walk to nearby spots that are convenient for everyone.”

Most Affordable Ride

Josh Constine of TechCrunch reported that he spotted the new Uber Express POOL option in San Francisco last week, and then he saw an email from Uber that it was “Introducing our most affordable ride.”

Express POOL is a new kind of shared ride that begins and ends at convenient Express spots. Update your app today to start riding for as low as $2,” the email said.

The Uber spokesperson said Express POOL is being tested in some areas of Boston and San Francisco and if the program becomes popular, it will be implemented in other cities.

What’s Next?

Uber has introduced Express POOL, but a user has to walk just a few blocks to a pickup point and destination as a way to help riders save money.

What are your thoughts on the new feature? Share them by commenting below.

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