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Uber Now Lets You Rent an Electric Bike in San Francisco

Uber BikesAside from cars, Uber is going to offer pedal-assist electric bikes that can be rented by commuters.

The ride-sharing company announced on Wednesday a pilot project in San Francisco wherein people can rent electric bikes for $2 for every 30 minutes starting next week.

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In the announcement posted on its website, Uber said San Francisco residents could rent the electric bikes provided by JUMP via the Uber app.

The 250 bikes are found in most San Francisco neighborhoods and just “takes seconds” to find one.

How to Rent an Uber Bike

An Uber customer just has to open the app’s main menu and select “Bike” to unlock one using a PIN that will be provided by Uber.

These electric bikes are convenient and easy-to-use. They can be easily found using the same app you use to call a car,” Uber said.

Uber urged those interested in renting the electric bikes to be part of the waitlist so they can be notified as soon as the bikes are available to rent.

In a statement, Uber said: “We’re particularly excited about bikes because they can provide a convenient, environmentally friendly ride even in dense cities where space is limited, and roads can be congested.”

Not the First E-Bike Project in SanFo

Uber isn’t the first that plans to implement the rent-an-ebike project in the city though.

Motivate, a company that introduced a bike-share system in the Bay Area, is deploying 250 pedal-assist e-bikes in April. The pilot project, which would be part of the existing Ford GoBike network, will run for a year.

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The bikes, created by startup company GenZe, would assist riders while pedaling, therefore saving riders from the effort of exerting energy, especially when biking uphill.

What’s Next?

Like Motivate and Ford, Uber will also implement a rent-an-ebike system in San Francisco.

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