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uFunBrush: The Toothbrush That Will Clean Your Kid’s Teeth All At Once

uFunBrushIf there is one habit that parents find it hard to convince children to do regularly is brushing their teeth and do it well.

Youngsters do a quick scrub of their teeth because they think it’s enough to keep cavities away, use too much toothpaste, or they just don’t like to brush their teeth at all.

We all know how important oral hygiene is.


A Kickstarter project is seeking to fund mouthguard-like electric toothbrushes that will scrub your kid’s teeth for them.

Kickstarter had posted a notice that the project “will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Sat, November 25, 2017, 2:39 AM AWST.”

But from the way things look, the project is sure to get funding.

The project has set $30,000 as funding goal, but it already has raised $68,407 in pledges and had 579 backers so far.

A description of the device says: “uFunbrush is the world’s first U-shape sonic toothbrush for kids.”

Designed by parents to help make the experience of brushing their kids’ teeth fast, fun and easy.”

Silicon Bristles

The mouthguard, according to a Mashable article, “is covered in silicone bristles that surround all of your child’s teeth at once.”

To brush with the uFunBrush you just fill the mouthpiece with toothpaste, have them pop it into their mouth, and press a button.”

Sonic Vibrations

The funding page for uFunBrush says sonic vibrations in the base “cause the bristles to pulsate, brushing all of those teeth in ten seconds.”

One AAA battery will power the uFunbrush for up to 600 brushes, and like any toothbrush, the head should be replaced every three to six months.

uFunbrush will sell replacement heads in four different sizes and colors when it hits the market.

What’s Next?

uFunbrush wants to make teeth-brushing a fun thing to do for kids.

What are your thoughts about the electric toothbrush? Share them by commenting below.

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