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Viber Introduces Communities to Its 1B Users

Viber has launched Viber Communities – chat groups where up to one billion users of the messaging app can exchange messages and engage with one another.

Viber also said that a Community admin now has a way of “managing, engaging, and growing large-scale, active groups around interests, experiences, causes and more.”

Pre-Announced at MWC

Viber mother company Rakuten, which is known as Japan’s version of Amazon, is expected to officially announce Viber Communities on Friday, according to a TechCrunch report.

Rakuten chief executive Hiroshi Mikitani, however, revealed a few details about Viber Communities when he spoke at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain on Tuesday.

TechCrunch said, “the monetizing and engagement features look like they might work similarly to those on Viber’s Public Chats and Public Accounts.”

The site also said Viber Communities is the latest version of chatrooms with hundreds of members who chat or read chat on one topic or another.

There are limits to members of social media chat groups, and they differ by platform. A chat group on Facebook, for example, can only have 150 members while WhatsApp’s limit is 256.

Meanwhile, Viber said one of the challenges Community admins face is that as their communities expand, they find it difficult to keep conversations on track and ensure that participants stay focused on a Community’s goals.

Viber Communities provides tiered management roles and powerful moderation tools so that every Community owner has the flexibility to create the environment they envision for their Community.”

A “superadmin” can control the roles of members roles, add members, make a member an admin or superadmin, ban or block members, decide who can participate in conversations, and if a member can invite new members into the Community.

What’s Next?

Viber has launched Communities, following a trend among messaging app of supersized chat rooms.

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