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Walmart Goes All-Out Against Amazon With Personal Shopping Service

WalmartWalmart’s subsidiary called Code Eight set up by startup incubator Store No. 8 is testing a personal shopping service that targets ”high net worth urban consumers,” according to a Recode report that cited “multiple sources.”

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With the service, those types of customers would get product recommendations and make purchases via text messaging.

Recode said household items selected by the higher-end shoppers are delivered within 24 hours without a fee while other types of products arrive within two business days.

Returns are picked up for free from the customer’s apartment or house.

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Stores Without Cashiers

Aside from the personal shopping service, Recode also said Walmart is also planning to put up cashier-less outlets.

Store No. 8 is working on an “under-the-radar project called Project Kepler.”

The project “aims to reimagine the in-store shopping experience with the help of technologies like computer vision.”

Just Like Amazon Go

Recode’s sources said the goal of the project is the creation of stores that would run without checkout lines or cashiers, much like Amazon Go.

Amazon Go was introduced by the online retail giant last year but has not yet opened to the public.

A spokesperson for Walmart has declined to comment on Recode’s report.

Meanwhile, Recode said Walmart’s initiatives are part of the company’s “vision for the type of businesses Walmart will operate, and customers it will serve, five or 10 years down the line.”

The site, however, also pointed out that since the personal shopping service and cashier-less outlets are still in their early stages, “there is no guarantee that either will develop into a long-term business or launch widely.”

What’s Next?

Walmart is bent on giving Amazon a run for the money by coming out with novel shopping methods.

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