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What You Need to Know about Security and Performance to Ensure E-Commerce Website’s Profitability

Note: This is a guest post.

When you consider starting up an online store, you got to have in mind that acquiring traffic is just the first thing to be done.

To get value for your performance, investing in conversion rate optimization or CRO strategies is necessary so that your site visitors will count as buyers.

As you do your research, you’ll discover typical techniques, which include setting up of relevant pop-up offers, coupon codes ad, and the like.

Going further, this guide will walk you through primary areas of an e-commerce web page that directly results in profitability.

Let’s talk about performance and security

Website Performance and User Experience

Do you hate having to wait?

It’s undeniable that we belong to an age of instant gratification where we are so accustomed to a variety of conveniences like free information, consumer-centric value propositions, and user-friendly software. 

With that being said, the load speed of your website is a real game-changer to online shopper’s experience.

Based on statistics, there is an evident connection between your website speed and conversions.

In fact, here are a few remarkable figures:

*40% of people leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

*Just a one-second delay in loading time results in a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.

*If an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1-second page delay can possibly charge you $2.5 million in lost sales annually.

Not only does a website’s load speed impact your rates of return, but it also has a direct effect on your site’s traffic and browser.

Optimize Performance Analysis Tools

Well, it’s already a given that there is a need to speed up your website.

But, most importantly you should ask this big question, how are you going to address it?

Perhaps, your E-commerce site can start with a performance analysis tool like GTmetrix, which can immediately inspect any problem that hinders it to run efficiently. 

Plus, the GTmetrix tool can also provide you several optimization solutions to help you significantly improve your performance.

Compressing Your Visuals

An e-commerce website capitalizes on stacks of logos, product visuals, and more types of imagery to capture buying visitors.

However, these resources could pose as bottlenecks to speed up your site if it remains untapped.

Good thing, Compressor.io could work wonders to optimize your assets. 

While Compressor.io quickly implements lossless image compression to your image, it scales down the size of the file without making it noticeable.

Yes you can use it at no cost while it gets the job done, though Compressor.io also has its limitations. 

Resizing your product images is possible in succession, but it becomes inefficient when your website compresses tons of visuals, one image after another.

Then this calls for a finer alternative app or plugin that supports your platform, especially for big online businesses.

Just like Shopify (Crush.pics) and WordPress (WP Smush), these apps could run faster optimization for your entire image library.

Employ a Content Delivery Network

Online businesses today, especially those who operate on an international scale, widely use a content delivery network or CDN to speed up their site for better customer experience.

In essence, a CDN makes use of a distributed network of servers to perform managing, storing, and delivering cached files to end-users. 

It fixes the delay of data transfers, coined as Latency, by leveraging the server within the user’s proximity.

Not only does it yield performance benefits, making use of CDN block possible cybersecurity threats, such as DDoS attacks that may cause unnecessary traffic and hamper faster connection for your site users.

Read on to the next section to learn more. 

How Security Builds your Buyer’s Trust

Just like any business, gaining your customer’s trust is the first step for you to increase their confidence and eventually become paying customers.

Aside from featuring the usual feedback and rankings from your site users, promoting your ecommerce business’ reliability by placing trust badges and security seals help facilitate customer’s confidence. 

Based on figures, cyber-attack has caused 60 percent of companies to fail just in a period of six months. 

That is why cybersecurity breach should be prevented at all cost or else it could damage your branding permanently, all the more when it entails customer data leak.

However, you can solve this problem by placing cybersecurity measures in advance.

*Promote a cookie consent notification

If this is new to you, online businesses are required by the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR to promote a cookie consent notification whenever site visitors make use of the resources on their web page.

Legal repercussions from failure to comply is also adding up with these privacy issues.

With this in mind, those who would like to maintain a high level of security might hesitate to shop from your website.

*Showcase security seals from the right services

Take advantage of the accessibility of security badges made available by cybersecurity companies, certificate vendors and payment gateways.

When these measures are presented on your about page, checkout page, and online archive, these ensure customer confidence and yield profitability.

*Yield sales growth through increased performance

It is best to put up cyber-safety features for your site to avoid internet risks and vulnerability, such as poor connection and unsatisfied customers as a result of system failures.

Also, it is safe to say that putting up cyber-safety allows you to safeguard your business from expensive charges when you need security companies to provide you cleanup, and recovery services.


By now, you probably have a clear concept of the website security and performance as key factors that generate profitability. 

With having said that, accessing the earning potential of your online business is close to impossible without making use of these primary aspects.

But once your website conversions start to intensify in no time, never let your promising customers slip through your fingers again.

So when you aim at profitability, with optimal performance and security, you will surely hit it! 

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