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You Won’t See Notification Previews On The Locked Home Screen of iPhone X

iPhone XHere’s something that potential iPhone X buyers might want to know.

According to an article on Wired, the 10th anniversary model of the iPhone line automatically hides message notification previews on the locked home screen by default.

This new detail about the iPhone X (as in the Roman numeral “ten,” not the letter X) that will be released by Apple on November 3 comes just as public curiosity about the products peaks.

Steven Levy of Wired said “withholding potentially private alerts until the phone was unlocked had previously been available as an option” in other iPhone models “but now is the default.

Face ID

To read the notifications in full, the user has to unlock the device via Face ID.

Levy said he had the iPhone X since last Tuesday. “Apple had given me this early peek in part because I was one of the first pre-release reviewers of the original iPhone.”

Levy said “a good way to see when you’ve been recognized is to notice the generic messages on the lock screen saying “you have a notification” from Facebook, Gmail, or wherever.

When you and your iPhone X make that turn-on connection, those flesh out with the actual content of the message.”

Technically Hides Notification Previews

On the other hand, Mashable reported that a user “could technically hide notification previews on the lock screen of previous iPhone models, but the feature itself was never turned on by default.”

Now, notifications on the iPhone X will be hidden from the initial boot up, and assuming people set up Face ID; it shouldn’t cause much of a problem.”

Setting Up Feature In Other Devices

CultofMac.com said since Face ID only supports one user, “no one else will be able to use it to view your messages and alerts; they would need your passcode to get in.”

The same setting can be enabled on other iOS devices — so long as they’re running iOS 11.” Here’s how.

What’s Next?

The highly-anticipated iPhone X now hides message notifications previews by default.

What are your thoughts about the feature? Share them by commenting below.

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